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Where Do
You Want
to Go?

You can get there from here. No matter where you're from or where you're headed, there's a place for you in the performing arts at Lawrenceville.


Students are challenged to apply the theory they learn in the classroom to the practice of art in performance. They find creative solutions to real-life problems, develop sophisticated communication skills in order to convey their ideas effectively, and work in close collaboration with their peers to achieve greatness in their discipline, connection to their community, and self-discovery to find their path into adulthood.

What Will Your Journey Be?

Each student's journey is unique to their goals and the experience they bring with them. But, they are on their journeys together, surrounded by a supportive, challenging community of peers, mentors, and friends. Through classroom learning, individual and group performance and production, and the experience of building a culture together, students will develop skills in their areas of interest as well as social and emotional skills like empathy and resilience. We welcome you to find your path at Lawrenceville.


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Our music curriculum offers foundation courses and electives in performance, music production, composition, and music history and theory. Our program includes six performing organizations: four instrumental and two choral ensembles.

Music at Lawrenceville


Our dance program offers a challenging curriculum designed to facilitate growth and exploration levels appropriate to students' experience. Students develop leadership, communication, confidence, discipline, problem-solving, collaboration, and cultural appreciation.

Dance at Lawrenceville


Whether in acting, directing, stage management, or theatrical design, there are many opportunities to be involved in theatre. Students develop vivid self awareness and a comprehensive process for creating stageworthy theatre.

Theatre at Lawrenceville

How Can We Help You Get There?

Performing Arts at Lawrenceville provides a vibrant, inspiring, supportive, and challenging community. You'll be welcomed onto our beautiful campus, given the space and time you need to achieve your goals and the support and direction to help you discover your best self. Learn more about how we'll be there for you on your journey.



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    Who Will You Become?

    As part of the Lawrenceville community, you'll have everything you need to achieve your goals and discover your passions. Take a look at some of our current and past students' accomplishments. Picture yourself as part of our community. What will you bring to the table?

    Start Your Journey

    If you’re ready to take the next steps towards joining the Lawrenceville community, start with our inquiry form. During the Inquiry and Application processes, you'll be able to connect with faculty and staff in your area of interest.

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