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Studies in neurobiology have confirmed that music plays a special role in the development of the human brain and helps keep it running smoothly as we grow. The benefits of music are especially valuable to teens, who spend much of their school day using logical reasoning skills, and who respond immediately to the stimulus that music brings to their developing social and emotional systems.

Collaboration is vital to music. Many students are often at their best when led to productive partnerships. Close work with individual teachers in the Private Instruction Program is available for study in all instruments as well as voice. Lawrenceville's instrumental and vocal ensembles offer co-curricular performance experiences to students at many levels.

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Course offerings in Music are rich, ranging from explorations of the fundamental language of music, to its place in history and culture, and extending to hands-on experience in composition and production work as well as Chamber Music (which embraces classical, jazz, and pop). We embrace a broad view of making music, and our hope is that every student will find a place to exercise the musical brain — and spirit — during their time at Lawrenceville.


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We explore education through doing, by offering courses that challenge students to apply the theory they learn in the classroom to the practice of art in performance.

Ensembles and Performance Opportunities

Lawrenceville Singers

The Lawrentians

The Lawrentians is our select choir, which meets as a scheduled class during the academic day. Auditions are open to third- through fifth-form students.

Lawrenceville Singers

Lawrenceville Singers is our community choir. It is open to all students.

Collegium Lawrenceville

Collegium Lawrenceville

Comprised of a select set of Lawrenceville Philharmonic musicians, Collegium Lawrenceville is an opportunity for orchestra membership at a more advanced level. Collegium members also participate in the Lawrenceville Philharmonic.

Lawrenceville Philharmonic

Lawrenceville Philharmonic is our community orchestra. Open to all students, auditions are held during the first week of classes in the fall term.

Lawrenceville Lab Band

Jazz Ensemble

Appropriate for more experienced musicians, the Jazz Ensemble meets weekly and does not conflict with class time, study hours, or athletic requirements.

Lab Band

The Lawrenceville Lab band is our jazz band. It is open to all students and does not conflict with class time, study hours, or athletic requirements.

Midday Music

Midday Music

Midday Music Concert Series, which happens once a month on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. Students who have studied a solo or small-group piece may apply to perform at these recitals.

Private Music Instruction

The Lawrenceville School offers private music instruction program to help students advance their talent and passion in the field. In addition to voice lessons, students can choose from piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, double bass, bass guitar, guitar, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, saxophone, percussion, harp, and accordion.

Students are encouraged to begin lessons in the fall, but registration is open at the start of each term. Lessons meet weekly for 45 minutes and students are able to practice in our studios when they are not in use. Private music instruction is not included in tuition; Scholarship Aid is available for students with demonstrated need.

Music lessons are not graded. This allows the student to work at their own pace under the guidance of one of our instructors, drawn from the ranks of local universities, studios, and the surrounding community. All are specialists on their instrument or voice, and are performing professionals.

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