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Whether interested in acting, directing, stage management, or theatrical design, there are many opportunities to be involved in theatre at Lawrenceville. Our mission is to impart in our students vivid self awareness and a comprehensive process for creating stageworthy theatre through a multifaceted, but structured, approach. Through Harkness discussions and projects, we observe, collaborate, discuss, and reflect in rehearsal — debating our ideas in shaping conflict and relationship for the stage.

As students develop their own creative skills, they come to a deeper understanding of themselves and others in the process. We welcome objective feedback of each other's work and revel in the process of getting there.

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Students will tap into their inner creative artist starting in our Foundations of Theatre classes, building on physical and vocal skills through a variety of game and play studies. Our curriculum extends to intermediate-level classes and advanced theatre electives in several theatrical disciplines, challenging students to apply their foundational skills to practices including acting, directing, theatrical design, and dramatic composition. Following intermediate classes, students will have the skills to effectively collaborate and act a leading role in a production or take up a leading technical position in our active co-curricular program. Students can also select from a variety of advanced theatre elective courses, pursuing mastery of their craft in their upper form years.

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No matter where your level of interest in theatre calls you, there are myriad opportunities for students at all levels to get involved with Theatre at Lawrenceville.

Performance and Production Opportunities

Fall Musical

Mainstage Production

Our big musical production is put on in the Kirby Arts Center during family weekend each year.



WinterFest is Lawrenceville's student-led theatre festival. Students cast, direct, and often write their own dramatic or comedic productions, taking charge of entire stage crews to bring their artistic vision from script to the stage.

Theatre at Lawrenceville

Jean S. Stephens Play Reading Series

The Jean S. Stephens Play Reading Series is a public play-reading performance of both published and new works once each term.

Periwig Crew

Periwig Crew

Students have the opportunity to engage in all aspects of the performing arts, including set building, scenery, lighting, sound design, costuming, hair, and makeup. Members of our crew are involved in all our student productions. 

Technical Theatre is offered as an option for students who need to fulfill a Lifetime athletic requirement.

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