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What Will Your Journey Be?

No matter where you begin, Performing Arts at Lawrenceville offers opportunities for growth and achievement.


Your personal journey at Lawrenceville will be a holistic one. You'll not only improve your performance skills, you'll develop new ways of learning, communicating, and leading. Through House, Harkness, and Heart, your path forward will be self-charted and empowered, but always supported and encouraged.

We welcome you to start your journey at Lawrenceville.

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Building Confidence

Join the Community

The Performing Arts are a vital and visible part of life at Lawrenceville. Just walking around the Bowl, you can almost always hear music — whether it's coming from inside Kirby Arts Center, the Chapel, or students singing as they walk (or jog!) together. The arts bring us together on a deeply personal level to speak our truths, learn from each other, grow as a community, and make memories.

Learn in Many Ways

A foundational part of the Lawrenceville experience is learning how to learn. By developing the skills to participate in the exploration of new ideas, our students are empowered to reach further, look deeper, and achieve to their fullest potential. They are aware of, and recognized for, their own contributions to the learning environment and, in turn, to appreciate the contributions of others. 

Explore Your Identity and Interests

Lawrenceville's Performing Arts department is an inviting and inclusive program. Our choices — in the selections we perform, the opportunities we highlight, and the languages we speak — are an expression of the values of our community. Our performances are not just a proving ground for our students' abilities, but another extension of the Harkness table: to explore innovative methods, seek out new perspectives, and reach new levels of awareness and understanding. Students are encouraged to try new things and meet new people in order to discover what they value, what they want, and where they want to go.


Working on Your Skills

Take a Chance

With an incredible range of group and individual classes, productions, and groups, students can participate in the arts in ways that match their goals and abilities. Performance opportunities are available to all students. Though many are co-curricular and part of the academic day, opportunities are not limited only to students who have chosen to focus on Performing Arts. Students are encouraged to have varied interests and explore how these interests can intersect and amplify each other. Every Lawrentian is encouraged to at least try performing.

Become a Better Performer

There’s a way forward for every student. From the very basics to continuation of a life-long practice, there's an opportunity for each and every student that's appropriate for their level of skill and commitment. With the support of classroom, co-curricular, and private-lesson teachers, students can start out from wherever they are and begin imagining a realistic and fulfilling future in the arts. Students who enter Lawrenceville at a high level of skill are still encouraged and enabled to improve and explore to find new heights of achievement.

Learn from Experience

Each individual student brings a unique perspective to Lawrenceville. Making art and performing with students from all over the world, with a range of cultural and social backgrounds, deepens students’ understanding of the potential, impact, and nuance of performance in all disciplines.


Giving Your All

Discover Your Best Self
Students are offered a wide range of individual lessons as well as small and large group opportunities. These group performances are key experiences for developing teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. The perspective gained and practical lessons learned in cooperative performance carry through to students' classwork, their ability to adapt to new environments and situations, and their overall sense of community and belonging.
Students are challenged to excel in all aspects of their performance practice - as skilled practitioners, teammates, critics, consumers, counselors, and cultural producers.
Model Excellent Behavior
Performance is a set of skills that extends to all aspects of life. Relationship building, persuasion, empathy, communication, documentation, and analysis are all enhanced through experience in performing arts. Performance selections reflect and reinforce community values, striving to offer both entertainment and education.
Beyond modeling behavior for their peers, students can become camp counselors at Lawrenceville Performing Arts Camp - a summer camp for younger children. They also become role models for future Lawrentians - alumni are important members of the community and their example can lead the way for future generations.
Take on Leadership Roles
Through skills and relationship development, students will be prepared to take on leadership roles at and beyond Lawrenceville. They'll have experienced joining a community, contributing to its culture, and championing its values through the lens of the art they love.

Go Out Into the World

Your journey doesn't end at Lawrenceville. You'll take with you the ability to adapt, collaborate, and solve problems; the resilience to always keep trying; and the open mind and open horizon common to all Lawrentians as they move on to a lifetime of learning.

Who Will You Become?

Start Your Journey

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards joining the Lawrenceville community, start with our inquiry form. During the Inquiry and Application processes, you'll be able to connect with faculty and staff in your area of interest.

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