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What Will Your Performance Journey Be?

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Learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage students to participate in performing arts to develop communication, teamwork, and social skills in addition to their technical abilities and subject-matter knowledge.

Whether students choose courses as part of their academic experience, engage in performance or leadership activities, or join a student group or ensemble, the arts are a critical and engaging vehicle for building our culture and learning from each other.

Performance selections reflect and reinforce community values, striving to offer both entertainment and education. There are many opportunities for students in all disciplines to bring our community together through performance.


Allegro Council

Allegro is the music service and advocacy club on campus.

This student service group supports all aspects of the Music program. Composed of upper-form students representing every facet of musical Lawrenceville, the council is a wonderful example of student leadership and collaborative service at its best. At Lawrenceville, our students bring the Harkness learning they develop across campus to engage, perform, and achieve with each other, reaching a musical level that is only possible in such a collaborative and supportive setting. Membership is awarded by recommendation.

Music at Lawrenceville



En Corps

En Corps is home to all things dance at Lawrenceville.

Its mission is to promote, celebrate, and encourage all Lawrentians to have a dance experience, whether as a part of one of the student-led dance ensembles; performing in the October, January, and April Dance Series; or battling it out in Dance Wars to determine which House rules the dance floor. There are many ways for students to take their first leap or to continue setting the barre even higher.

Dance at Lawrenceville




Periwig is Lawrenceville’s dynamic theatre arts group and the oldest student club on campus.

Founded in 1893, Periwig produces and manages our theatre productions, as part of Lawrenceville’s co-curricular program, and is driven by enthusiastic student artists, actors, technicians, and thespians. Our theatre program provides crucial opportunities for our students to engage in practical problem-solving, conflict resolution, and collective critical thinking.

Theatre at Lawrenceville



Go Out Into the World

Your journey doesn't end at Lawrenceville. You'll take with you the ability to adapt, collaborate, and solve problems; the resilience to always keep trying; and the open mind and open horizon common to all Lawrentians as they move on to a lifetime of learning.

Who Will You Become?

Start Your Journey

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