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Who Will You Become?

Who Will You Become?

For over 200 years, Lawrenceville has produced responsible leaders, creative innovators, and committed public servants - individuals who have been guided by a certain moral compass and who have used the gift of education wisely. We equip our young people to go off into the world with a clear-eyed sense of hope to become bold, assertive adults with confidence to examine assumptions, listen with empathy, take thoughtful initiative, and approach the world with the patient understanding that it is not a perfect place.


I see us lift each other up in small ways every day. If you don’t fit some social story, we don’t scorn you. Instead, we talk behind your back and call you a true Renaissance man, we say at dinner tables that we wish we knew you better, or that we should dig up our hidden talents. And when we put others up like that, our friends like us more, too, because the ability to speak well about others is even cooler.

And in this moment, as I look out at my housemates, teammates, classmates, teachers, family — the people who have made me someone I can be proud to be — I feel grateful to have found a community where we rise by lifting others.

Sophie Garrett ‘16, Valedictorian

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Dance at Lawrenceville

Once accepted into the Lawrenceville Dance Team (LDT), I instantly felt welcomed into our own little "dance family." Each rehearsal was not without laughter, hard work, and a little bit of gossip, and soon enough, each of these girls became my closest friends. Over the past four years, not only have I gained a new sense of confidence on and off the stage, I have also discovered the best family of girls on campus.

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Dance at Lawrenceville

Taking into account all the various hours I've spent in the Kirby Arts Center (KAC), dance has definitely been my single greatest co-curricular at Lawrenceville (especially during tech week!). I am forever grateful to everyone I've met in the dance program and to everyone who's been supportive of my performances. I hope to continue dancing in college and to come back for every dance performance to see the program's continued growth!

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